Fear: Further Edits


I made the image black and white and added a preserved luminosity deep yellow tint at a low level to give that feeling of a cinematic abandoned wasteland with a solitary yellow bulb tinting the surroundings and creating a lonely, disturbing mood.


The same effect was created for me with the vague yellow hum surrounding the bottom of the curve. The blurred theme creates a sense of unease and being unable to see the whole of the light source creates mystery, unease and, subsequently, fear.


Drawing influences from the art of the “Sublime” such as Kasimir Malevich’s ‘Black Circle’ (pictured below) which creates a sense of fear from an imposing, yet familiar form, such as the circle. The ring’s luminosity creates impact on the surroundings and the mysterious, ambiguous, potentially human, figure obscure and becomes a part of it.

The low light location and the high exposure photo combination created a grainy texture. I darkened this exposure a little to keep it contained, but left the grainy mood, reminiscent of a CCTV, candid, horror film aesthetic.

Kazimir Malevich’s Black Circle pictured centre alongside Black Square (left) and Black Cross (right)





Decay: Initial Thoughts/Outtakes & Unedited Photography


My initial approach drew me to some pennies that had rusted and formed a layer of copper carbonate. Although this process actually strengthens the metal, the imagery suggests a decay of time and how decay, whilst initially perceived as destructive can sometimes be the opposite.


A lamp pointing towards the wall drew my attention as the light spread in interesting ways. Pushing it even closer to the wall focused the decay of light to within eyeshot.


I spent a bit of time experimenting with direction of the light spread.


This rising eclipse imagery gives further thought to the idea of decaying light, a decaying sun, a decaying planet, bringing a feeling of ending to the definition of “Decay”


In an attempt to spread the decay 360 degrees I tried to blur out the stand and ended up shifting the focus to the pointed back end of the lamp. This created the effect of an artificial eye.

Fear: Initial Thoughts/Outtakes & Unedited Photography


Off center + interfering background.


Either fade out edges or crop in to avoid lamp base at right. Maybe black and white to eliminate confusion of slightly coloured carpet


Crop to center. Brighten?


Blair witch style fuzzy camera. Crop to centre.


Remove upper reflection interference at top of circle. Rotate to straighten floor and crop accordingly.


Size up ratios floor:circle:space in between: space above + rotation as above


Crop to centre and adjust ratios. Darken bottom?


Crop to centre and top and bottom ratio. Retake, due to off centre figure?


Crop to centre. Too clear to bring across fear of unknown? Obvious Lego character is a bit cheesy?


Crop to centre