Sheffield Cheesemasters: Logo Design & Process

The Final Logo

This was my first experience working with a real client; the mother of one of my sister’s friend. Sheffield Cheese Masters are a new artisan cheese business and currently the only cheese making company in Sheffield. I met up with the client to discuss ideas and she provided me with a few similar company designs that she wanted to draw inspiration from and had mocked up two small designs of her own (below)

The aim was to create a round, black & white simple logo that encapsulated Sheffield and its industrial background, whilst not masquerading as anything more than what it is; a cheese company from Sheffield.

My first job was to recreate these logos and play around with fonts/spacing; so using the skills gathered from the corporate ID project I created some simple skyline paths and wedge circles.


In an attempt to push away from the circle/snowglobe feel, I tried to have the skyline sat on a base and create a distinct, instantly recognisable “Sheffield” shape synonymous with this specific brand.

After a few experiments with colours and inversions I decided to lose the skyline for this particular design (bottom two designs in black and tan). The simple typographic design is quite popular with a lot of Sheffield artisan companies at the moment. I like the juxtaposition of serif/sans serif so I tried that out.

I then sent back the various designs to the client for a first referral with a few noes.

The client eventually decided on the typographic “black on white text” design, with one adjustment; changing “2017” to “Est. 2017” and now the final logo is being used for the twitter account for Sheffield Cheese Masters who are awaiting premises with local dairy farm “Our Cow Molly” to get their business off the ground.

A few months later the client gained premises and decided to edit the logo a little, but it still maintained some of my original designs.


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