“My work plays on the not so straight line between abstraction and narratives, a visual language and dialogue influenced by landscape, nature, emotion and experience. I experiment with lots of techniques and media as I find the practical process vital in exploring how best to create my ideas and concepts.” – (

Ladoza is a multi-disciplined artist whose work comprises of abstract paintings, films, music and prints in many different forms. All his work draws influence, in part, from the outdoors, particularly from the Moors in Sheffield where he attended Sheffield Hallam University to study Fine art.

Totem Red


His print work ranges from boldly coloured (often black and white), soft vector shapes (such as Totem Red, above) to complex, abstract, earthy coloured paintings with a dragged, feathered, dripping paint visual quality to them. The latter abstract work draw on colours from the outdoors, rocky greys, earthy browns, grey clouds and muddled dark watery blues. He appears to layer large quantities of thick paint to give the painting a 3D quality and texture.

Peaks Painting 16F


This texture is reminiscent of the feel of rock faces; another source of inspiration he draws from is rock climbing, a hobby of mine as well. A lot of this is displayed in his photography works. 

Esteban Taylor on Steep Traverse 2


My main inspirations come from music (playing, writing, performing, listening and creating), art (particularly that of the Sublime and abstract paintings that have a detailed quality to them, though I am also interested in minimalist vector styles that I am still exploring), climbing, walking and the outdoors. Ladoza stands out to me as an artist who has combined these elements into a coherent series of works that don’t limit his options for expression. I am intrigued to find other artists and draw from this mentality that allows an artist to create vastly different works, but with a cohesive mentality and visual quality that, whilst dissimilar, share a mood.

Ladoza creates these and captures these moods well by either exaggerating landscapes by bringing them to life with vector style doodles, or creating a hands on, immersive landscape that you could almost touch and be transported there.

His work draws from a lot of the peripheral inspirations that inspire me. I admire his hands on approach to the process, allowing the medium and immediate work to dictate the final product.

I will be attending a showing of some of his work at the Bloc Galleries in Sheffield. The exhibition is named “It’s Complicated” and will also include work by Sheffield-based artists Richard Bartle, Nick Grindrod, Iris Harris, David Jones, Rita Kaisen, Janie Moore, Jubby Taylor, Stephen Todd, Helen Stokes and Sean Williams.



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