Corporate ID: Peripheral Research

Good brands are deep rooted in 4 things.





Concept can solidify and create a rich company that commands trust in potential and existing consumers or clients and even employees. A solid, concept driven brand can provide faith in the company and even self perpetuate the other 3 essential qualities (Inspiring the confidence to be more imaginative. Having the faith to work hard and create quality within the brand. Allowing the survival of a company allowing it longevity to grow, evolve and expand.)


For example, the Pepsi logo, simple in its appearance apparently “represents magical secrets such as the earth’s magnetic field, feng shui, Pythagoras geodynamics, the theory of relativity, and the golden ratio.” ( This concept driven approach has apparently lead to a rise in appeal and satisfaction.

An imaginative brand can set aside itself from the rabble. Few things are worse than a company that is uninspired and dull. Imagination can transform an every day company into an exciting and appealing way to draw in new customers/clients etc.

Quality is often hard to control from a designer’s point of view, but is more something to stride towards by creating a LASTING brand that survives a difficult market. A LASTING brand can be more successful and have less pressure to dilute quality and compromise itself.

This links into growth. A company’s job is to provide a service. The next step is to evolve and improve what it is capable of doing.


Cymatics are the visual representation of music. This interests me greatly in helping to build a brand for a guitar as this is almost the same concept as trying to sell a guitar. Much like a scent being difficult to advertise without smell, advertising a guitar company is hard to do visually without sound. So to create an impacting and dynamic corporate identity, cymatics may be an innovative way to translate this grey area to potential customers.

These graphical representations are created by analysing the sound waves of a piano. They create quite beautiful and unique snowflake-like patterns that remind us of the individuality of music.



  • Loris Cecchini (Cymatic sculptures)

Loris Cecchini uses inspiration from these cymatic graphic representations of sound to create sculptures that visually and tangibly create the sensation of sound; silently.

These sculptures build on the ideas that music is felt, not just heard. Some of the most popular commercial musicians achieve their legitimate success through real, emotive expression, aware of this principle that music is more than just sound waves; how we perceive the waves, how they are communicated, the way in which the artist plays are all just as, if not more, important than the notes that are being played. All music is multi sensory and these sculptures represent the visual side of that.



I hope to bring in this dynamic and beautiful concept into my brand, and maybe even bring it through into the products of the brand to keep it all consistent. Perhaps even including a cymatic design within the logo or even on the guitar’s body (within the door grain/paintwork flame) could work to create a relatable consistency.

  • mechanical pysicality
  • Purpose built for user: Or accompanying, suggesting
  • CYMATICS – visualisation of sound
  • Synthenasia – kandinsky
  • Loris Cecchini (Cymatic sculpture)
  • Fetishised guitarist instruments: On flipside – destruction (Hendrix/Clash)
  • Engineering/detail/provenance(worth) – about the story
Provenance – Cymatics – Machine

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