Infographic Design



Infographics are a way of packing a lot of information into a very engaging, if busy, poster-like graphic piece. They then to be engaging, informative and visually interesting and use a lot of relevant vectors and colours that keep up a constant theme. This theme is often simple shapes that are instantly recognisable and symbolic; ie. using a small sample of stick figures to represent a large sample of people in a real world setting, using small clocks to represent time, graphs for productivity, timelines for dates etc.



My core subject matter for my insert had been staggering me a little. I wanted to include music, I wanted to include history, I wanted to include an insiders look at each region and most of all I wanted to include my point about increased globalisation in the modern world that looks outwards, in turn, makes us more inward looking and increases regionalisation and our unique regional identity in micro-communities.


Using Yorkshire as a focus I began to find that commercial music, by nature, can act as a time capsule narrative for society. Yorkshire especially has a lot of examples of this being used to capture and describe this regionality. Furthermore we can look back to the 80’s to bands like Human League and see some common pioneering and relevant historical themes with bands like Arctic Monkeys and furthermore up and coming bands that come from FourthCity’s startup, a lot of which are all Yorkshire specific.


I want to create somewhat of an infographic style insert to display this mind-map like interconnectivity to tie all these points together. Perhaps incorporating some form of timeline to help with the spacing and pacing of the content. (Like above digital concept sketch with each topic coming off each vertical)


Combining this style with my (above) original digital mock ups but adopting the text in a new, continuous, interconnecting way will be the way I will move this project forwards.

I believe this in itself is true to the interconnectivity of each region that I am trying to communicate and will be the best way to appropriately represent the creativity of Britain.



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