Visual Value



  • Roger Fry – With the rise of interest in photos, the need for photorealistic paintings was becoming more and more obsolete. Roger Fry pioneered Post-Impressionism which took this change of mindset into account and began to look beyond just a piece of art’s accuracy to give it value; rather its qualities relevant to its specific form, thus originating Formalism

River with Poplars c.1912 Roger Fry 1866-1934 Presented by Mrs Pamela Diamand, the artist's daughter 1973

River with Poplars (


  • Guerrilla girls – An anonymous group of feminist, female artists devoted to fighting sexism and racism within the art world. They are a prime example of Instrumentalism, which involves giving “agency” to a work of art to make a real world impact; in this case, changing attitudes through feminism through art.


  • Rebel Clown Army – Breaking the line between artist and activist, the clown army protested peacefully in full clown attire. This meant any controversial acts the police commit to the protestors would be photographed and seen in the context of the police attacking a clown; an absurd and juxtaposing piece of art.







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