Alternative Insert Research

I wanted to look into slightly alternative city guides and came across the “Our Favourite Places – Sheffield” issue of “Informed Travel Guides for Curious Folk” which catalogues local shops, artworks, areas of interest, restaurants, pubs and day trips.


The design comes across as rather laid back and minimalist, allowing bold and straightforward symbols – like the road sign front cover above – to give an appropriate, fit to purpose, for the attitude brought across by Yorkshire folk.


The contrast of location photos, vector style illustrations and artistic overlain sketches illustrate the point without patronising the reader. It simply presents them with information and allows the reader to be drawn to what they are interested in with well used hierarchy of type.


Occasionally different coloured pages (still bold, and easy on the eyes) change the pacing of the booklet and allow for some suggestions for certain, more specific events.


The consistent diamond shaped numbered key system allows for simple links to photos, different pages and different businesses.


Frequent photos of the people give a more personal feel, adding empathy and a more friendly approach to the businesses – they aren’t faceless like many chains feel, these are independent businesses doing what they love.


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