Fear: Further Edits


I made the image black and white and added a preserved luminosity deep yellow tint at a low level to give that feeling of a cinematic abandoned wasteland with a solitary yellow bulb tinting the surroundings and creating a lonely, disturbing mood.


The same effect was created for me with the vague yellow hum surrounding the bottom of the curve. The blurred theme creates a sense of unease and being unable to see the whole of the light source creates mystery, unease and, subsequently, fear.


Drawing influences from the art of the “Sublime” such as Kasimir Malevich’s ‘Black Circle’ (pictured below) which creates a sense of fear from an imposing, yet familiar form, such as the circle. The ring’s luminosity creates impact on the surroundings and the mysterious, ambiguous, potentially human, figure obscure and becomes a part of it.

The low light location and the high exposure photo combination created a grainy texture. I darkened this exposure a little to keep it contained, but left the grainy mood, reminiscent of a CCTV, candid, horror film aesthetic.

Kazimir Malevich’s Black Circle pictured centre alongside Black Square (left) and Black Cross (right)