Decay: Initial Thoughts/Outtakes & Unedited Photography


My initial approach drew me to some pennies that had rusted and formed a layer of copper carbonate. Although this process actually strengthens the metal, the imagery suggests a decay of time and how decay, whilst initially perceived as destructive can sometimes be the opposite.


A lamp pointing towards the wall drew my attention as the light spread in interesting ways. Pushing it even closer to the wall focused the decay of light to within eyeshot.


I spent a bit of time experimenting with direction of the light spread.


This rising eclipse imagery gives further thought to the idea of decaying light, a decaying sun, a decaying planet, bringing a feeling of ending to the definition of “Decay”


In an attempt to spread the decay 360 degrees I tried to blur out the stand and ended up shifting the focus to the pointed back end of the lamp. This created the effect of an artificial eye.