Richard Long

Richard Long’s artwork is described as being “MADE BY WALKING IN LANDSCAPES” ( and this can be seen by the materials he uses and the locations his artwork mostly appears in. Natural objects (sticks, rocks, slate etc.) are sourced either on location or from local resources, such as quarries. In particular ‘119 Stones’ (1976) features precisely 119 stones of similar size arranged as though entering in from 4 corners of a room and joining at right angles, making for an asymmetrical floor pattern. All the stones were acquired from Hobbs quarry, local to Bristol where Long lives and works.

119 Stones 1976 Richard Long born 1945 Purchased 1976

His work also expands out of galleries, and into the environments he walks in. Most of his work is photographic documentation of these outdoor works. His style of arranging nature into perfect shapes, such as circles and straight lines – not natural forms, associated mostly with human refinement. His “Heaven and Earth” collection highlights this environmental organisation art; creating order from disorder – calm from chaos.


‘Dusty Boot Line’ from the ‘Heaven and Earth’ collection depicts a straight line worn into the the dusty, pebbly Sahara desert floor. This creates a striking, forced impact of man making its presence in nature in an organised and definite way amongst a strewn, natural pebbly wasteland.