Andrew Small

‘C’ stands in Sunderland at the end of a 2km cycle track (the C2C – Coast to Coast route) and perfectly. The black obelisk stands out in the flat plain of the pier and perfectly frames the lighthouse, when directly in front of it.The monolith itself is made from granite which will give the piece a coarse feel.


This ‘Coast to Coast’ piece is a companion piece to ‘Second Sun’ (seen below)

“The two main works as a whole represent the relationship between acts of faith and reasoned thinking where-by ‘Second Sun’ is relating to mythical notions of romantic gesture, epic travel and pilgrimage and the final piece is about rational calculations and exploration that allow us to imagine, no less fantastical concepts such as Easter.” – Andrew Small

I am particularly fond of the form of these two pieces. The bold sphere of ‘Second Sun’ feels as though it could fit into ‘C’ perfectly. Its tall legs give the piece motion, as if it is travelling towards the companion piece. This relates to the travel and pilgrimage aspects Small is trying to show, whilst also relating to the Coast to Coast cycle route. This brings together the artistic context of the piece whilst drawing people to the cycle route; encouraging exercise and exploration.